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2016 Aon Maadi4 - 10 April 2016, Lake Ruataniwha

  • Where: Lake Ruataniwa [map], Twizel, New Zealand.
  • When: Monday 4 - Saturday 9 April 2016
    (reserve day: Sunday 10 April until noon)
  • What: New Zealand's largest and most colourful regatta; approximately 2100 pupils from 120 schools entered in over 1600 crews, requiring around 600 races across 52 events.
  • Hosted by: South Island Rowing
    Communication with the organisers of the 2016 Maadi Cup Regatta can be made using email to:

Maadi dates exceptionally late in season

This year's April Maadi will be the latest date the regatta has been held since 1965. And it will be the first time Maadi has ever been held in April in the South Island.

The late date comes about becuase Easter is occurring at the end of March, when Maadi would usually be held. That meant Summer Tournament week either had to be super-early or much later than usual. Early didn't leave schools enough time to preare their sports teams. So we find ourselves holding Maadi well into April instead.

An April regatta may bring challenges with it.

  • Daylight savings will have ended. Dawn arrives later and days are shorter than usual for a Ruataniwha Maadi.
  • The regatta is being held mid-autumn. Schools should expect days to be getting cooler; particularly in the mornings.
  • On the plus side it can be less windy in April. But there is also a greater chance of storms. And snow is April is not completely unknown.

Overall, schools will need to factor the late date into their planning and make sure pupils are prepared to dress for whatever the weather might bring.

ENTRIESOpening late February


NZSSRA's online regatta entry system will open for entries on Monday 14 March and entries will close a week later on Monday 21 March, which is after the North and South Island Secondary School Championships have been held. Member schools will be sent a notice and copy of the regatta Conditions when entries open.

Meanwhile the online regatta entry system is open for roster maintenance. Schools are strongly encouraged to log in for Roster Maintenance and tidy up their roster of pupils before starting entries, as doing this while making regatta entries considerably slows down the process.

Passwords for online regatta entry are held by Member Schools' Sports Coordinators (schools should contact the Manager regarding misplaced passwords.)

Non-financial members

Any non-financial members cannot enter NZSSRA Championships and should contact the Schools Committee urgently if they are hoping to enter Maadi.


Entry fees (exclusive of GST) for the regatta were set by members at the 2015 AGM and changed a little from last year: 1X $26, 2X/2- $32, 4X+/4+ $44, 8X+/8+ $68, amenity $24 per pupil.

Entry limits

  • Doubles: 1 crew per event per school
  • Singles: 2 crews per event per school
  • All other events: 4 crews per event per school

Notwithstanding the limits there is still a possibility the number of entries will exceed the capacity of the progression system: 64 crews.

If it turns out 65+ entries are received, despite the limits in place, then the usual process is to lower the limit for the affected event. Or, if that's not possible, to implement an emergency progression*.

* Emergency progressions include the Option 2 progression for over-subscribed regattas (viable for 65-72 entries) and time trialling

note: when supplementary entries open the limits will be gradually raised

Number of events per pupil

After a review of the per pupil entries for the last few Seasons' school regattas and much discussion about the health and safety of each rower, the Schools Committee continues to make the following recommendation:

School age rowers should only be racing 2 events at a Championships regatta. A few rowers could be considered for 3 events; none should be doing more.

In reaching the reccommendation advice was sort from physiologists, leading elite coaches and the NZ Secondary School Sports Council. The Schools Committee will continue to monitor the entry per pupil this season.

NZSSSC School Team Eligibility criteria pupils "new" to a school

The NZSSSC School Team Eligibility criteria were revised with effect from 2012 and then tweaked for rowing at NZSSRA's 2013 AGM. An updated article about the NZSSSC School Team Eligibility criteria is available to help members assess whether or not each of their pupils is considered new to their school. Schools are limited to 3 "new" pupils in an eight and 1 "new" pupil in other boats ("new" pupils are those who've swapped schools or come from overseas and looks back over the past 2 years).

How the weeks unfolds Sunady, 3 - Sunday, 11 April 2016

If all goes well and the weather co-operates then the week will roughly unfold as follows:

  • Sunday: parade, safety briefing, NZSSRA AGM
  • Monday: heats begin
  • Tuesday: heats conclude and all repechages begin
  • Wednesday: repechages conclude, quarter-finals, E & F Finals
  • Thursday: Semi-finals, C & D Finals
  • Friday: A & B Finals (events 1-26)
  • Saturday: A & B Finals (events 27-52)
  • Sunday: spare day, until noon

Until supplementary entries and scratchings close we won't know what event number the heats split at or which events will end up with quarter-finals and/or semi-finals or how many finals each event will have. Also, as 2010 showed dramatically, the best laid plans can quickly go out the window if we get bad weather (or bad weather is forecast for later in the week).

Competitions at Maadi

There are 3 competions taking place during this year's regatta; listed below.

For the school with the best banner displayed during the Aon Maadi Cup parade. Banner must use Aon Maadi Cup logo. The school banners will be judged and prizes awarded at the parade.


For the school with the best mascot attending the regatta. The competition is open to all the schools entered into the 2016 Aon Maadi Cup regatta. Only one mascot entry per school is allowed.

Entries take the form of a photo of the mascot that is representing the school during the regatta.

To enter the competition email a photo of the mascot to The Mascot must be present at the Aon Maadi Cup regatta at Lake Ruataniwha.


For the school with the best t-shirt during the Aon Maadi Cup regatta. This competition is open to all the schools entered into the 2016 Aon Maadi Cup regatta. Only one t-shirt entry per school is allowed.

The words 'Maadi' should be included on the T-shirts. Aon is the principal sponsor and a generous supporter of the Aon Maadi Cup regatta and schools should recognise this by including the name 'Aon' on their entry. e.g. as in 'The 2016 Aon Maadi Cup' or the Aon Maadi Cup logo.

For more information, to obtain the 2016 Aon Maadi Cup Logo or to submit at entry, please email

Notices & Updates

  • Safety Briefing
    The Safety Briefing will be held in the Twizel Events Centre Theatre at 4:00pm on Sunday 3 April. Attendance by every school's Adult Safety Officer is compulsory; a roll will be taken. Schools that fail to attend a safety briefing will not be allowed to race.
    The NZSSRA AGM also be held in the Twizel Events Centre Theatre . It will be at 5:00pm on Sunday 3 April; following the Maadi Safety Briefing. We would love to hear your thoughts on school rowing at this meeting.
  • Finals Webcast
    There will be a live webcast of the three last days of the regatta (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). This covers semi-finals, and A-D finals. .
  • Stats from 2015:
    2198 pupils (excluding reserves) from 120 schools entered in 5632 seats in 1627 crews. 588 races were required to complete the regatta and find the winners of all 52 events.
  • Progression system
    The current progression system was brought in in 2013 and introduced quarter-finals, C - F finals, has fewer eliminations from heats, and more...

Media coverageSky Sport4 - 10 April 2016

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Sponsors, Supporting Partners & Patrons


This New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association regatta is sanctioned by the New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council and by the New Zealand Rowing Association.