This regatta has special entry requirements; including a series of important declaration forms that are generated during the entry process and will need to be signed afterwards by the school's Principal.

Entry to the Aon Maadi Cup is via the RowIT website, and managed by your school rowing manager. In order to enter this regatta you will have to use the password provided by NZSSRA to the school. (Not a standard rowIT login) contact sonya@rowingnz.kiwi if you have misplaced your schools entry details.

Entries open on 20th February and close on 5th March at 10pm.

Please note that the New Zealand Secondary School Sports Council has decided they will not be sanctioning lightweight rowing at school regattas. Therefore the lightweight events have an entry limit of zero crews.

The details of that decision can be found here: http://www.nzsssc.org.nz/newsarticle/47799

2018 Aon Maadi Cup Programme


8:30am 1 B U17 1X

8:50am 2 G U17 4+

9:10am 3 B U15 2X

9:30am 4 G U15 4X+

9:50am 5 B U18 2-

10:10am 6 G U18 2X

10:30am 7 B U16 4X+

10:50am 8 G U16 1X

11:10am 9 B U18Nov 2X

11:30am 10 G U18 Nov 8+

11:50am 11 B U17 8+

12:10pm 12 G U17 4X+

12:30pm 13 B U18 Lwt 4+ Event not sanctioned

12:50pm 14 G U15 4+

1:10pm 15 B U18 4X+

1:30pm 16 G U18 2-

1:50pm 17 B U16 4+

2:10pm 18 G U16 8+

2:30pm 19 B U18 Nov 8+

2:50pm 20 G U18 Lwt 4+ Event not sanctioned

3:10pm 21 B U17 2X

3:30pm 22 G U17 1X

3:50pm 23 B U15 8+

4:10pm 24 G U18 Nov 2X

4:30pm 25 B U18 4+

4:50pm 26 G U18 4+


8:30am 27 G U16 4X+

8:50am 28 B U16 2X

9:10am 29 G U18 1X

9:30am 30 B U18 1X

9:50am 31 G U15 2X

10:10am 32 B U15 4X+

10:30am 33 G U17 8+

10:50am 34 B U17 4+

11:10am 35 G U18 Lwt 2X Event not sanctioned

11:30am 36 B U18 Lwt 2X Event not sanctioned

11:10am 35E G Exhibition U18 Nov 4x+

11:30am 36E B Exhibition U18 Nov 4x+

11:50am 37 G U16 4+

12:10pm 38 B U16 8+

12:30pm 39 G U18 4X+

12:50pm 40 B U18 2X

1:10pm 41 G U15 8+

1:30pm 42 B U15 4+

1:50pm 43 G U17 2X

2:10pm 44 B U17 4X+

2:30pm 45 G U18 Nov 4+

2:50pm 46 B U18 Nov 4+

3:10pm 47 G U15 8X+

3:30pm 48 G U16 2X

3:50pm 49 B U16 1X

4:10pm 50 B U15 8X+

4:30pm 51 G U18 8+

4:50pm 52 B U18 8+